Last Day: Memories of a Lifetime

This trip has given me everlasting memories. We all started off as strangers, acquaintances, but we all ended up as a family. Our journey together through the airports, the food, the heat, the unfamiliar and even sickness brought us all closer than just classmates. I will forever be grateful for Lanhui laoshi for giving us this opportunity and being our fierce leader through China and class. I won’t forget RJ’s awkwardness, Hui’s incredible sweetness, Lee’s openness and acceptance, Pierce’s helpfulness and grace, Sarah’s positive attitude, Nathanial’s poise and timidness, and lastly, our General Timothy. These memories and China will remain imprinted on my heart. May we all strive to be better people, better friends, better students. I hope we all keep in touch and I thank NIU for giving us all the opportunity to strive for a better education. 再见!

这次旅行给了我永恒的回忆。 我们都是陌生人,熟人,但我们最终都是一个家庭。 我们一起度过机场,食物,热量,陌生甚至疾病,让我们比同学更亲密。 我将永远感激兰辉老师给我们这个机会,成为我们在中国和阶级的凶悍领袖。 我不会忘记RJ的尴尬,Hui的令人难以置信的甜蜜,Lee的开放和接受,Pierce的乐于助人和优雅,Sarah的积极态度,Nathanial的谦逊和胆怯,最后是我们的Timothy将军。 这些回忆和中国将留在我心中。 愿我们都努力成为更好的人,更好的朋友,更好的学生。 我希望我们都保持联系,我感谢NIU给了我们所有机会,争取更好的教育。 再见!

Twenty-Fourth Day: Tea Ceremony and Farewell Dinner

On our last day in China, our teacher brought us to her sisters house. Her sister is a certified tea artist and she taught us how to properly serve tea and prepare it! She showed us how to soak the tea and how many seconds it took to properly soak tea leaves to get the right aroma and flavor. Mine ended up being a gentle tea, sweet, not bitter, just right. We also had our farewell dinner at her house where she invited a chef to cook for us. We had an assortment of delicious dishes and this trip could not have ended any better than it did!

在我们在中国的最后一天,我们的老师把我们带到了姐妹家。 她的妹妹是一位经过认证的茶艺师,她告诉我们如何正确地供应茶并做好准备! 她向我们展示了如何浸泡茶叶以及正确浸泡茶叶以获得正确的香气和味道需要多少秒钟。 我的最后是温柔的茶,甜,不苦,恰到好处。 我们还在她家举行了告别晚宴,邀请厨师为我们做饭。 我们有各式各样的美味佳肴,这次旅行不会比它更好!

Twenty-Third Day: Summer Palace and Laoshe Tea House

Unfortunately, on this day, I was severely sick. I was not able to go out and enjoy the activities of the day. I nursed myself back to health in my hotel room while my friends all went out and enjoyed one of our last days in Beijing! They told me all about it when they got back! They also took a lot of pictures for me which I was grateful for. Their first stop was the Summer Palace. It was a place where the Emperor’s family, or any royal within the family, went for summer vacation. Hence the name, the Summer Palace. It was a large area of land with a lake in the center of it all! Then night came around and they went to Laoshe Tea House where they saw people perform Peking Opera and tea ceremonies! I really wished I could have been there to fully enjoy the experience but I am glad my friends were able to enjoy it for me as well!

不幸的是,在这一天,我病得很重。 我无法出去享受当天的活动。 我在酒店房间恢复健康,而我的朋友们都出去享受了我们在北京的最后一天! 当他们回来时,他们告诉了我一切! 他们也为我拍了很多照片,我很感激。 他们的第一站是颐和园。 这是皇帝的家人,或家里的任何皇室成员去度假的地方。 因此,名称,颐和园。 这是一片广阔的土地,中心有一个湖泊! 然后夜晚到了,他们去了老舍茶馆,在那里他们看到人们表演京剧和茶道! 我真的希望我能够在那里充分享受这种体验,但我很高兴我的朋友也能够为我享受它!

Twenty-Second Day: Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Today, we went to multiple places! The first stop was Tiananmen Square. Inside this square is where Mao Zi Dong was buried. His mausoleum is where we went too. The security was tight. No one was allowed in without specific instructions and rightfully so. The moment we stepped into the mausoleum everyone was silent. We were not allowed to take any pictures or have any bags or liquids inside. There was a lot of soldiers standing guard of Mao’s body. They still have him preserved very well and we all took off our hats and sunglasses out of respect. Our next stop was the Forbidden City. This place was huge! It took us nearly two hours to go through the entire city, but this was the place where the emperor and empress would live, along with all of the emperor’s other wives and concubines. It was a very beautiful city to see!

今天,我们去了多个地方! 第一站是天安门广场。 这个广场内是毛子洞被埋葬的地方。 他的陵墓也是我们去的地方。 安全性很紧张。 没有具体的指示,没有人被允许进入,这是正确的。 我们走进陵墓的那一刻,每个人都沉默了。 我们不允许拍摄任何照片或内部装有任何袋子或液体。 有很多士兵守卫毛的身体。 他们仍然保存得很好,我们都脱掉了帽子和太阳镜。 我们的下一站是紫禁城。 这个地方很大! 我们花了将近两个小时才能穿过整个城市,但这里是皇帝和皇后所居住的地方,还有皇帝的所有其他妻子和嫔妃。 这是一个非常美丽的城市!

Twenty-First Day: Panda’s and The Great Wall

On this historic day, we all climbed The Great Wall. This historic, one of the seven wonders of world, Wall is over 20,000 kilometers long. It is dated back over 2,000 years. My friends and I on this study abroad trip climbed it. The moment we stepped off the cable car and onto the Wall, my eyes instantly swelled with tears. I was on history. I was touching years of people’s hard work and devotion. I clutched my water bottle to my chest and took in one of the most gorgeous views in the world. I will never forget this day because we also got to see panda’s! These fluffy animals are so adorable! We were very lucky to see them that day because they usually only move when they are hungry! This day they were starving! We got to witness them eat all their bamboo! It was a day of brand new experiences with friends I will never forget!

在这个历史性的日子里,我们都爬上了长城。 这座历史悠久的世界七大奇迹之一,长达2万多公里。 它的历史可以追溯到2000多年前。 我和我的朋友在这次出国留学旅行中攀登了它。 我们走下缆车到墙上的那一刻,我的眼睛立刻流下了眼泪。 我是历史。 我感动了多年来人们的辛勤工作和奉献精神。 我把水瓶紧紧地抱在胸前,接受了世界上最美丽的景色之一。 我永远不会忘记这一天,因为我们也看到了熊猫! 这些蓬松的动物真可爱! 那天我们很幸运地看到他们,因为他们通常只在饥饿时才搬家! 这一天他们饿死了! 我们见证了他们吃了所有的竹子! 这是与朋友们一起体验全新体验的一天,我永远不会忘记!

Twentieth Day: Beijing Arrival!!

We arrived in Beijing today!! We didn’t do much today except for travel for the third time on a high speed train. Our last train ride in China, it is bitter sweet to say that. We got to our hotel around three o’clock. We went exploring in the streets near our hotel and found a little plaza where there was a group of people doing the tango! It was such a nice evening we sat and watched for awhile. But then we went back to the hotel and swam in the pool for two hours, ate dinner as a family, and now we relax until the Great Wall tomorrow!! We are ready for it!!

我们今天抵达北京!! 除了第三次乘坐高速列车旅行外,我们今天做的并不多。 我们在中国的最后一趟列车,可以说是苦涩的。 我们三点左右到了酒店。 我们在酒店附近的街道上探索,发现了一个小广场,那里有一群人在探戈! 这是一个美好的夜晚,我们坐了一会儿,看了一会儿。 但后来我们回到酒店,在游泳池游泳了两个小时,吃了一家人吃饭,现在我们明天放松到长城! 我们准备好了!!

Nineteenth Day: Mencius’s Mother and Certificate

On our last day in Taigu, we started off the morning with a walk to Mencius’s Mother’s park. It was only a twenty minute walk from the campus. We learned that the journey of Mencius was that she traveled three times for her son to get a better education. Then we had our certificate ceremony presented by the students and staff of Prospect college. It was bitter sweet to be awarded for our efforts in China, but to also say goodbye to all the new friends we made here. I will miss them all dearly and I hope see them all again soon, whether it be in America or China or another country. At the end of the night, we had our farewell dinner with the president of the university. When we got back to campus it was one of the last days of Dragon Boat Festival here in China, so our new friends took us to the river and we lit some lanterns and set them off into the sky with our prayers, dreams, and wishes to come true!

在太谷的最后一天,我们开始一天早上步行到孟子的母亲公园。 离校园只有二十分钟的路程。 我们了解到,孟子的旅程是她为了儿子而三次旅行以获得更好的教育。 然后我们举办了由Prospect学院的学生和工作人员颁发的证书。 我们在中国的努力获得奖励是一件苦涩的甜蜜,但也向我们在这里所有新朋友说再见。 我会非常想念他们,我希望很快再见到他们,无论是在美国,中国还是其他国家。 晚上结束时,我们与大学校长举行了告别晚宴。 当我们回到校园时,这是中国端午节的最后几天,所以我们的新朋友带我们去了河边,点燃了一些灯笼,用我们的祈祷,梦想和愿望将它们放到天空中 成真!

Eighteenth Day: Chang Family Mansion and Coal Museum

We visited one of the highest mansions today! This mansion is owned by the only family in China that their lineage, by males only, can be traced back about twenty generations! They were a family of scholars first. It was very important for them to be scholars and get their education. Then it was about money, once you became a scholar you could make money. It was not until the eighth generation that the family started to see some wealth. This mansion was built for the three sons and ten grand children of that eighth generation and for many more generations to come! Then we went to the coal museum where we were able to go see a 4D short clip about the makings of coal. Then we went under ground to a simulator of a coal mine. We even got to ride on a coal mining train! It was an exciting day!

我们今天参观了最高的豪宅之一! 这座豪宅由中国唯一的家族所拥有,他们的血统仅由男性组成,可以追溯到大约二十代! 他们首先是一个学者家庭。 他们成为学者并接受教育非常重要。 然后就是金钱,一旦你成为学者就可以赚钱。 直到第八代,这个家庭才开始看到一些财富。 这座豪宅是为第八代的三个儿子和十个大孩子而建的,还有更多的后代! 然后我们去了煤炭博物馆,在那里我们可以看到关于煤炭材料的4D短片。 然后我们去了煤矿的模拟器。 我们甚至坐上了采煤火车! 这是令人兴奋的一天!

Seventeenth Day: Chinese painting, Three Kingdoms, and English Corner

Today was our last day of classes at Taigu. It is bitter sweet but we made some memories! Our first class was Chinese painting. A wise teacher came and taught us how to move the brush against the paper, what the differences are between western painting and Chinese painting, and how there are two sides to the paper we used (one side was smooth, the other rough, we use the smooth side to paint). Then we were off to The Romance of the Three Kingdoms class. Here we learned about the history of the Three Kingdoms and their leaders: Liu Bie, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Cao Cao. All leaders in their own right and comrades in arms when needed. To close our night off, the teachers hosted an English Corner for us and the students. It was a time for all of us to work on the languages we were working on while having fun as well!

今天是太谷课程的最后一天。 它很苦,但我们留下了一些回忆! 我们的第一堂课是中国画。 一位聪明的老师来教我们如何将刷子移到纸上,西方绘画和中国绘画之间的区别是什么,以及我们使用的纸张有两面(一面是光滑的,另一面是粗糙的,我们用的是 光滑的一面画画)。 然后我们去了三国演义的浪漫。 在这里,我们了解了三国及其领导人的历史:刘弼,张飞,关羽和曹操。 所有领导人都有自己的权利和需要时的同志们。 为了结束我们的夜晚,老师为我们和学生们举办了一个英语角。 这是我们所有人在享受乐趣的同时学习我们正在开发的语言时候!

Sixteenth Day: Calligraphy, Guchin, and Acupuncture

We had three classes today. Every class we went to had so much historical background that we are being filled with knowledge! Our first class was about acupuncture and Chinese philosophy. Our teacher showed us where our meridians were and where three pressure points were located. Our next class was on calligraphy. This time we learned how calligraphy was made and how to write in different styles of calligraphy. Our last class of the day was on one of the most ancient instruments in China, the guchin. It is a seven stringed instrument that is plucked with your fingers. We learned about the historical background and the teacher gave us a performance and taught us how to play the guchin! I really want to learn to play it professionally!

我們今天有三節課。 我們去的每個班級都有如此多的歷史背景,我們充滿了知識! 我們的第一堂課是關於針灸和中國哲學。 我們的老師向我們展示了我們經絡的位置以及三個壓力點的位置。 我們的下一堂課是書法。 這次我們學習了書法是如何製作的以及如何用不同風格的書法來寫作。 我們今天的最後一堂課是在中國最古老的樂器之一guchin。 這是一個用手指撥弦的七弦樂器。 我們了解了歷史背景,老師給了我們一個表演,並教我們如何玩guchin! 我真的很想學會專業演奏!